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DarkPID is a private social engineering forum. We are accepting applications for high quality individuals who wish to join our community.

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Forum Rules

General Posting Guidelines

  • All members of the forum shall not act in disrespectful way against other users. Prohibited actions include threatening, flaming, doxing, and etc. These actions are strictly prohibited.
  • Spam is not tolerated in the forum under any circumstance. Short or low quality posts constitute as spam. This includes posts containing only: “bump”, “lol” and all variants, “thanks” and all variants, and any other nonsense if used to evade minimum word count restrictions. Other examples of spam are double posts, cross posts, and “post for PM” posts.
  • There is a 1 year leeway for methods to count if they have been posted before on the site (E.g method posted by new member in jan 2019 and there is a old method from jan 2018. We can count this method towards tier applications)

Forum Rules

  • Leaking of the site’s knowledge and materials are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. This includes anything in the Social Engineering section or the Cracking Section. If you are caught leaking this information, it will result in a permanent ban on your account and your IP address. Leaking content from this site is the worst rule you can break.
  • Leaking methods TO DarkPID is not allowed unless permission is given by a staff member.
  • You are only allowed to have one account.
  • If you are caught sharing your account it will result in a ban.
  • Scamming is not tolerated we will review scam reports and deal with them as we see fit.
  • If you are banned on another website for scamming it will result in a ban on DarkPID as well.
  • Advertising other forums or websites is prohibited and will result in a warning followed by a ban.
  • Methods posted on any other sites/communities, will not count towards your tier applications. If you post a method and use it to rank up to a tier, but then later post it on another site, you may be demoted.
  • Method selling is not allowed, on site or offsite. Your method or not your method. You will be banned. Methods are meant to be shared.
  • You may own a discord server, however you are not allowed to own a discord server that promotes or allows method selling.


  • You may be demoted if you have not posted a method in 5 months. Any vactions or reason to be away should be made known to the staff team.

Method Posting

  • Please follow the formatting guide when posting methods.
  • Proof is required for all methods.
  • Do not post untested methods as anything can happen in SEing.

Profile Rules

  • 1. Keep the image height in your signature limited to 250 pixels.
  • 2. No offensive or pornographic images in your avatar or signature.
  • 3. Do not make annoying/spam posts in your profile posts.
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