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DarkPID is an application only, private social engineering forum for experienced SErs. To gain access to the site you will have to fill out an application. We have methods for many sought after electronics and methods that go up to $150,000. We also have car methods (yes you read that right).

We follow the tier system here at DarkPID, methods cannot be bought, to gain more methods and resources here, you have to contribute. The more you contribute, the more you get. Simple.

Regular is the base of where DarkPID members start their journey, to join, you will need 2 proof of SEs with a minimum value of $100 that aren't extremely public/bought methods/trending methods on discord (e.g dell).

Regular Tier Information:
We are not interested in people who have only done refunds - refunds do not count as SEs here. Do not show proof of your refunds when you apply, we do not care about them at all. We are looking for SErs. We are not interested in people who have only ever done FitBits or other public methods. We are not interested in people who do Philips 24/7. We are looking for talented people to apply and join us. People who create their own methods. Amazon refunders need not apply.

Generally, a qualified applicant will have done at least two original SEs. When we say original, we mean that the company/method in question is not well known by the SE community at large. For example, FitBit is well known. As is Amazon. As is Philips. On the other hand, Wiremold is not well known.

Accepted applicants get immediate access to our Regular tier, full of useful methods
(90+ pages of methods that range in value of $125-250)
On account of the value of what we provide to accepted applicants right out of the gate, we are very selective in terms of who we allow on the site.

You will need to answer all of the questions when applying in extreme detail. If you make an application that only took you a few minutes to write, there's almost a guarantee that you will be denied. Proof of what you SE'd in the past is something that you will most likely need to post to get accepted (obviously there are a few exceptions to this.)

Essentially, we aren’t unreasonable. We aren’t looking for the world. We are trying to select for people who can contribute to our community. If that sounds like you, apply today!

If you are ready to take the application then you will need apply. When you finish your application it will go into a section where members who were accepted into the site will be able to judge your application. Members from the site will have a huge influence on what the outcome of the application will be but the final decision is made by staff and mentors.

Best of luck!
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